University knitting tonight

The lady from Mfest has just contacted me to ask if we could give some of the young people a masterclass in knitting tonight ( 27.07.10)  It will last around half an hour and we will get to tour the set of their production. They are going to send someone up to our usual spot at 5.30 p.m. so if you can get there prompt then that would be great. If not, you will know that we are in the buidling and will rejoin the group asap (Don’t know where we will be going but perhaps latecomers could ask??)

If possible, could you bring some knitting that would appeal to the youth of today?

Sorry for the short notice but I have just found out the info.



Remember the girls who spoke to us at the Uni??

This is the message I got sent via Ravelry

“I’ve looked at some of the projects that you guys have done and they are amazing!

The RED team are very keen to get knitters like you involved with the project, whether it’s loaning us some of your pieces, gifting us some old pieces, giving the young people and the adult mentors a knitting master class, or even knitting us some special pieces for the performances. Of course in return we would love to offer you 5 free tickets to come and see one of the RED performances during the mFEST festival from the 30th of July to the 2nd of August.

RED is a “fusical” reimagining of the story of Red Riding Hood told in live music, drama, story telling, design and film in a promenade performance.

Here is a little taster of what RED is about: RED explores the difficulties that teenagers have growing up and how identities shift and people and never quite what they first appear. You find yourself in the company of Little Red riding hood on the pathway of a twilight adventure of shifting identities, where wolves and grannies, hunters and prey are knitted together by the choices that shape their journeys and ultimately their lives. RED is created, developed, directed and produces by the young people of mPOWER and supported by the Tolbooth, Youth Music Theatre Scotland, First Light Films, Kinetic and Big Screen Bo’ness.

We would really value having your support on this project and hope to hear from you soon!

I was just talking to the director who thought that if you guys come into the macrobert on the 24th of July for 4.40pm then we could talk about it, this may also be a possible knitting masterclass day, but I would have to check with Janet.”

I have emailed and asked if the girls would still like us to come up this saturday and what kind of things they are looking to borrow. I will post here when I have any additional info. It would be great if anyone  can wander up and see them. 


Thursday night knitting club – Dunblane

Blogs/websites of interest

Do you have a favourite blog or website that you read frequently?

If so, can you paste the URL in the comments section of this post and I can add it to the side bar.

As if we don’t have enough to do  without sharing new and inspirational places on the world-wide web that will drain our precious time.


World wide knit in public day

The Smith gallery, Stirling
Saturday 12th June 2010


Tuesday night knitting

As the Tolbooth is now ‘closed’ to us for the month of July, we have decided to meet at Stirling University for the next four weeks. You will find us in the Atrium of the McRobert Art Centre from 5.30 pm onwards. Come along and join us, I thoroughly enjoyed these meetings last July.





Knitter:   Jennifer
Pattern:   Shaker style blanket
Sourced from:   The art of knitting publication

Knitted for:  My husband, Hugh
Wool used:   Double knitting
Purchased from:  Came with magazine
Any problems with pattern:  No
Any modification made:  Overlayed a crochet chain stitch after sewing together
Wash and wearing:

Knit again?:   No
Next time, any changes to be made?:  
Skills learned?:  Lace, cable, various stitching
General comments: When doing this type of project number and label component parts


Knitter:   Veronica
Pattern:   Chevron Lace Cardigan
Sourced from:

 Knitted for:  Me
Wool used:   Wendy mode DK
Purchased from:  Kemps
Any problems with pattern:  No
Any modification made:   No
Wash and wearing: 

Knit again:   No
Next time, any changes to be made?:  
Skills learned:  Sewing on buttons and making buttonholes
General comments: Easy, quick, flexible pattern




Knitter:   Jo Hanson
Pattern:   Hooded Jacket
Designer:   Twilleys of Stamford
Sourced from:   The Knitting Collection. Vol 1
Knitted for:  Me
Wool used:   Freedom Spirit
Purchased from:  Kemps
Any problems with pattern:  Needle size in tension square different to
pattern needle size.  I used the pattern needle size (4mm).
Any modification made:   No
Wash and wearing:  Hand wash with extreme care, liable to felt. Srayed
with water to block, rather than wet completely. Very warm to wear.
Knit again:   No
Next time, any changes to be made:   Knit a size larger and order an
extra ball of wool
Skills learned:  First time knitting a hood and slanted pockets.
General comments: Looks and feels great.  Really pleased with it.

Knitting tonight

Last meeting at the Tolbooth for the summer is tonight at 5.30 pm. See you there

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