Cherished Sweater

Pattern blurb
Pattern: Cherished pullover
Designer: Renee Sparkes
Sourced from: Ravelry, Froggie Meanie designs
Knitted for?: Scarlett
Wool used: Jamiesons spindrift 4ply
Purchased from: Via internet direct from Jamiesons,Shetland
Any problems with the pattern?:Nope, but the turning stitch was a bit tricky to get used to
Any modifications made?: None at all
Washing and wearing: have inserted a small card with instructions for washing and I hope it all goes well. I would think this wool will felt a treat!
Knit again?: Yes, it was really good to do. Once I got into it, it was unputdownable
General comments: Learned how to steek during the making of this. Nerve racking but I think the wool had a huge part to play in this as it tended to slightly felt as I was knitting so it secured the stitches.


Playing around


I am just trying something out using the photographs from WorldWide Knit in Public Day. If you click on the images, they should open in a seperate window  and larger.


Collette’s baby knitting

What a cracking trio of pictures, knitting modelled by the gorgeous Shona.


Pattern blurb

Pattern: Boat Neck Sweater

Designer: Debbie Bliss

Sourced from: Baby Knits for Beginners

Knitted for?: Shona

Wool used: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in 300015

Purchased from: Cucumber Patch

Any problems with the pattern?: Not really, but I think the neck is too big.

Any modifications made?: Added 4 rows of treble crochet to bottom so it was nice and long to keep her cosy.

Washing and wearing: Do not let her eat her tea in this! 30 degrees is not really baby friendly.

Knit again?: Yes, but in different more easily washable yarn.

Next time, any changes to be made?: Smaller neck size.

Skills learned?: First ever jersey made so whole process was new.

General comments:  Really cosy jersey for winter.

St Andrews Day Knitting

Please note, the venue for this workshop has been changed. It will now be held in the Cowane Centre, same times apply etc.


Carols Breezy wrap

Carol is the undisputed Queen of the Breezy wrap. I have no idea how many she has knitted but they are all perfect and absolutely fantoosh!




Pattern blurb

Pattern:   Breezy

Designer:  Martin Storey

Sourced from:   my sister!

Knitted for?: Myself, Michelle, Eleanor, Irene and Lynda!

Wool used:   Various – Patons Dew, RYC Cash Soft, RYC Cashcotton 4 ply, Debbie Bliss Rialto

Purchased from:  John Lewis and McAree

Any problems with the pattern?:  none at all, just remember to cast on very loosely as you are knitting 3 together all along the first row!

Any modifications made?:   varied the wool and needle size, length and number of stitches.

Washing and wearing:  dry flat, hand wash

Knit again?:   yes, definitely

Next time, any changes to be made?:   perhaps another summer weight wool – liked doing it in 4 ply

Skills learned?:  to knit continuous openwork without needing to concentrate too much

General comments:   I love making these – a great present if you can get bargain wool  – one I knitted for £5.50!

Wendy’s top down V neck cardi

Wendy is currently working on a top down cardi.I can’t remember much else about it and I must get a questionnaire thing made up for you all to fill out with the Knitty gritty. (see what I did there! Clever eh?)

Anyway, more details to follow

Meet some of the team

I’m just back from our Tuesday night group and it was a scream, as always. I have so much fun on a Tuesday night but I have one complaint….the time passes waaaay too fast. To sum up how I feel about a Tuesday night, I quote from my current bedtime reading, Greetings from Knit Cafe by Suzan Mischer.

 “How people so different become truly good friends”.

We may have some way to go before we can claim to be “truly” good friends but I defo feel it’s there in the making………

Anyway, to cut to the chase, here’s a few pictures of our talented knitters. I will continue to add you as I pester you with my camera, capturing you hard at work….so don’t think you have gotten away with avoiding me 🙂

Get well soon Wendy

Hope you are well on the way to a speedy recovery and you are knitting the day away while watching  Jeremy Kyle and Trisha!?

Best wishes from us all x

WWKIP day 025


Lesleys baby hat

Lesley is currently working on a hat for her baby grandson, Connor. After casting off , we debated on the size of the finished item. It looked a tad on the small side and after much debate from the support team (a.k.a the stragglers who were left), Kate found the problem. Her tension was too tight. After more debating and pondering, we came up with a few solutions.

  • rip it out and start again using  larger needles.
  • finishing it off and giving it to someone with a new born.
  • ripping it back to just before the decreasing and adding a few extra rows before starting the shaping.

I’m not sure what the final decision was but we were an awesome team!! Lesley’s patience and determination has to be admired. If I had encountered as many problems as she has had over the last 8 months, I would have thrown my projects across the back of the couch and taken up drinking!

Looking forward to seeing it next Tuesday Lesley…..

10.11.09 008 Lesley

                   Lesley and her sticks.

10.11.09 013 lesley cath

 Lesley and Cath deep in concentration.

10.11.09 011 Lesley susan

Susan and Lesley share a laugh.

Fiona’s corkscrew scarf


I have just returned from our Tuesday night meeting at The Tolbooth   . We meet on level 5 between 5.30 and 7.30 pm and there is a wide and varied mix of projects constantly on the go. Tonight we had a finished object. I  was wondering if we should fill in a little bit of blurb to go with our pictures just to pass on information to each other and visitors to our blog?  I pinched this idea from another blogger and not only does it help me when I go back into my archives but also any problems which have occured can be mentioned for those about to start the same project. Some of the images might not appear to be the same as  in the ‘flesh’ but since we don’t have the luxury of daylight when we meet, images with flash will just have to do until the lighter nights.

Anyway, Fiona has finished her corkscrew scarf. It is absolutely wonderful and the finished corkscrew effect is extremely eyecatching.  Fiona, if you can e mail me some details I can add them underneath your pictures. Thanks

  10.11.09 006 - corkscrew closeup10.11.09 005 Fiona corkscrew



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