Lesleys baby hat

Lesley is currently working on a hat for her baby grandson, Connor. After casting off , we debated on the size of the finished item. It looked a tad on the small side and after much debate from the support team (a.k.a the stragglers who were left), Kate found the problem. Her tension was too tight. After more debating and pondering, we came up with a few solutions.

  • rip it out and start again using  larger needles.
  • finishing it off and giving it to someone with a new born.
  • ripping it back to just before the decreasing and adding a few extra rows before starting the shaping.

I’m not sure what the final decision was but we were an awesome team!! Lesley’s patience and determination has to be admired. If I had encountered as many problems as she has had over the last 8 months, I would have thrown my projects across the back of the couch and taken up drinking!

Looking forward to seeing it next Tuesday Lesley…..

10.11.09 008 Lesley

                   Lesley and her sticks.

10.11.09 013 lesley cath

 Lesley and Cath deep in concentration.

10.11.09 011 Lesley susan

Susan and Lesley share a laugh.

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