Important Info – Falkirk Herald feature

The Falkirk Herald have contacted me as they are starting a new feature called group of the week, and they want us to be their first group.

I’ve been in touch with the library and they’ve kindly agreed to hold an extra night at the library this Monday (22nd March), so that a photographer from the Herald can come along and take our picture for the article next Thursday.

I’d love it if you could make it – the more the merrier. please let me know, so that if we don’t get enough numbers, I can let them know..
If you haven’t been to Falkirk before, you’re more than welcome.

Fingers crossed.

Hope to see you Monday



Breezy Wrap

This is a firm favourite within our knitting circle. A few have been knitted and a few are planned.Cath has finished her wrap and is really proud of it….and so she should be.


Baby Knitting

Kate, who didn’t want her photograph taken, has knitted this little baby jacket. All she needs to add it some blanket stitch edging and seew on the pockets. Job done!


Cricket jumper? Over, run out , seamed

I had to have a go at some cricketing terminology to celebrate the completion of Susan C’s cricket jumper for her daughter.


More tea Vicar?

Whatever would the Vicar say should he go to Lornas house?




Hello there!

Is there anyone still out there? I apologise for being a BAD webmistress, I have no excuse. Especially when you all have been very, very busy. We continue to meet every Tuesday at the Tolbooth…… tea and coffee a definate, cakes and biscuits always a maybe. (hint hint Lesley… your rocky road was spectacular).

Anyway, for all Oor Woollies out there (and those who are our buddies via the  internet ) here’s the latest documentation of all our finished items. Well Done everyone, your work is amazing.